Universities know the importance of teaching industry-relevant skills, but keeping up with the digital economy isn’t always easy.

Trilogy Education is a Workforce Accelerator.

We partner with the world’s leading institutions to help companies bridge the skills gap.

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Why Trilogy Education?

Successful partnerships rest on a foundation of quality, transparency, communication, and trust. Universities trust Trilogy Education because we share these values and have a commitment to “Students First” in everything we do.

Multinational Network

The digital skills gap is local in impact but global in scope. That’s why Trilogy Education partners with universities around the world to create programs that meet the needs of regional employers. Since our start in 2015, we’ve engaged more than 7,500 employers. From Tech Talks, to office tours, to hiring graduates, employers play an integral role in the development, delivery, and successful outcomes of every Trilogy-powered program.

Proven Impact

More than 2,250 companies around the world employ the thousands of graduates of Trilogy-powered programs. Whether you’re a student, university, or company—we know what it takes to deliver results, and we can do it for you too.

Market-Driven Curriculum

Every Trilogy-powered program is carefully evaluated against employer needs and student demand. Through our “measure twice / cut once” approach, we maximize the success of each program with regard to enrollment targets, student outcomes, and future growth opportunities.

Deep Integration with Complete Oversight

A successful skills-based training program requires more than just a classroom. Trilogy Education delivers marketing, admissions, instructor recruitment, student support, career readiness training, and classroom analytics. Working with our partners—who provide complete and comprehensive oversight—we ensure that everything we do is on-brand, on-time, and on-plan.


Instructor Recruitment

Having hired more than 1,000 instructors and TAs, Trilogy Education knows the hallmarks of successful classroom leaders. Our partners also have visibility into our instructor pipelines, our evaluation process, and “Teach Back” exercises (whereby prospective instructors receive real-time feedback during a mock lesson). Today, fewer than 11% of screened candidates are offered a teaching job in any Trilogy-affiliated program.

Student Support

Every student learns differently and faces different circumstances that can arise before or during the program. That’s why Trilogy Education provides the resources to maximize every student’s chances of success in the program. In addition to a Student Success Manager (SSM), based in each program’s local market, our Central Support team provides tutoring services above and beyond an instructor’s regular office hours.

Career Preparation and Industry Access

The skills we teach in the classroom are a means to a greater end. We don’t measure success by the number of students enrolled or the number of certificates distributed. Rather, we believe that success is each student achieving his or her desired outcome upon successful completion of the program. To do that, we provide both career training services and access to employer partners in the form of one-to-one job recommendations, employer office tours, guest speakers from the industry, and networking events.

Quality Analytics

To ensure that no classroom performs below the expected level of quality, we compare data across our 1,000+ classrooms and have achieved remarkable consistency. Across our network, Trilogy-powered classes perform within two percentage points of one another for student support, self-mastery, instructor clarity, instructor engagement, and instructor knowledge.

Commitment to Access

Although only 10% of developers worldwide are female, women represent more than 30% of the graduates of our partners’ programs. Our commitment to accessibility means putting skills-based training programs within reach of groups who are under-represented in technology, and providing flexible options for funding Trilogy-powered programs.

GREG PELLEGRINO Vice President of Engineering, Identity Automation
Trilogy’s programs take students beyond classroom theory … These students learn the importance of teamwork. They “click” every bit as well as my agile scrum teams.
GARY MATKIN Dean of Continuing Education, UC Irvine Extension
Our involvement with Trilogy will ensure student success throughout their professional lives.
RITA MCGLONE Executive Director, Penn College of Liberal and Professional Studies
These programs bridge education with real-world innovation opportunities. The curriculum focuses on teaching the most in-demand skill sets, regionalized for Philadelphia’s economy.

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