For far too many companies, Big Data isn’t the solution to any problems. Big Data is the problem.
Trilogy’s Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp provides students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to turn Big Data into Big Answers.

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Big Data technology, and the services that support it, are projected to grow more than 20% per year through 2019. But with more data comes more problems, and companies struggle to make use of and extract value from the information they have.

Introducing the Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp

The Data Analytics and Visualization course provides learners with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to turn data, into insights, and into actionable recommendations to improve processes and drive company growth.

Starting with Microsoft Excel⎼and advancing through Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, API Interactions, Social Media Mining, SQL, Hadoop, Tableau, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub, and more⎼students work their way through the industry’s most popular programming languages, software, and libraries in data analytics.

Explore the Curriculum:

Advanced Excel

Fundamental Statistics

Python Programming


Front-End Web Visualization

Business Intelligence Software

Advanced Topics

Real Companies. Real Problems. Real Projects.

Trilogy’s market-driven Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp incorporates employer feedback in all aspects of the program. From the topics covered in-class to the office tours conducted outside of it, students earn regular exposure to companies on the cutting edge of data science. By the time they graduate, students also work on a wide variety of projects designed by employers.

More Than a Dozen Sample Projects

Including the following:

Employ statistical analysis to model, predict, and forecast trends

Build VBA scripts in Excel to automate manual processes

Build custom interactive data visualizations using D3.js and other JavaScript libraries

Utilize real-world data sources to identify and analyze social, financial, and political phenomena

Create in-depth graphs, charts, and tables utilizing a variety of data-driven programming languages and libraries

Market-influenced. Outcomes-driven.

Whether building maps, websites, and applications, or creating highly informative charts and graphs, students in the Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp develop the skills and portfolio expertise that local employers need. But rather than measuring skills, we’re focused on the results. The Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp provides career readiness training to ensure that students enter the data analytics job market with confidence, and by the time they graduate, students will be ready for many different roles, including:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Journalist
  • Business Analyst
  • SQL Developer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Software Engineer

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