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Trilogy offers programs in Web Development, Data Analytics & Visualization, UX/UI Design, and Cybersecurity. Our platform combines a dynamic, market-driven curriculum, robust career services, and a multinational community of universities, instructors, and employers to prepare students for careers in the Digital Economy.

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Our Approach

Trilogy combines experienced instructors, innovative employers, and top universities to design each and every program.

Since our founding, we’ve invested more than 3,500 hours into curriculum development, collected more than 100,000 student feedback reports, and engaged more than 7,500 employers–all in an effort to understand what it takes to produce workforce-ready students.

3,500 hours of curriculum development

100,000 student feedback reports

7,500 industry engagements

This is serious intellectual horsepower.

Collectively, Trilogy, and its network of more than 30 of the world’s leading universities, have unmatched visibility into the trends affecting students, employers, and universities as they work toward meeting the needs of the Digital Economy.

And we invest those insights back into where it matters most–the classroom.

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The Trilogy Difference

We’ve cracked the code to your students’ career potential.

Student-Tested, Employer-Approved

Driving Success, Not Just Skills

The Power of the Network

A Commitment to Quality


Balance Personal, Professional, and Academic Demands

Available formats include full-time, part-time, and online.

A variety of flexible formats enable students to balance all that life brings. In each format, students learn the same modules, take part in the same exercises, and gain the same skills employees need.

  • Part-Time: The part-time 24-week program takes place 3 days a week.
  • Full-Time: The immersive full-time program takes place Monday-Friday over 12 weeks.
  • Online: The part-time online class format increases the geographical reach of universities while providing the flexibility of at-home study to learners.
Go on… Crack the code to your students’ career potential.

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