Yembo and Trilogy: A Partnership That’s Shaping Industries & Changing Lives

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San Diego, California, has long been associated with beautiful beaches, surf culture, and great weather. The city has a historic legacy of being the home to a variety of telecommunications and semiconductor companies, which has helped to spur San Diego’s natural evolution toward becoming a prominent tech hub. In fact, in October 2019, San Diego was rated as one of the top ten fastest-growing tech job markets in the US, with many large active tech companies setting up shop on the southern end of the West Coast, according to CBRE.

One such company that has selected San Diego for its headquarters is Yembo, an AI startup that uses patented technology leveraging deep learning to power their platform. Used by companies in the relocation industry across the world, the technology allows users to capture the inventory of a given room and a measure of how much space each item occupies.

Yembo CTO and Co-Founder Zach Rattner has been a major advocate of the Trilogy-powered programs offered through UC San Diego Extension; he consistently attends quarterly student Demo Day events and has been an active panelist at Virtual Tech Talks. He has additionally helped Coding Boot Camp alumni gain a competitive edge during technical interviews through an online workshop covering debugging techniques.

Working closely with Trilogy’s Industry Insights and Impact team, as well as utilizing candidate referral services through the Directors of Strategic Partnership, Yembo has hired several alumni from Trilogy-powered boot camps. 

“Having to look through hundreds of resumes for an open role is exhausting, so being able to receive resumes that are tailored to our needs makes hiring so much easier,” explains Zach. Before entry-level hires are brought on permanently, they first participate in a four-month internship program. “We’re looking for people who show aptitude and want to figure out how to get things done.”

“I couldn’t have gotten hired without Trilogy,” says Marguerite Shuster, a Front End Developer for Yembo. “I learned how to work collaboratively on a team of developers.” Marguerite enjoys the growth opportunities working for Yembo offers, both as a developer and a designer, and works with a balanced team of male and female engineers. 

During the job search, Marguerite didn’t just take advantage of the Career Services offered through Trilogy; she also took the time to build her portfolio and bolster her resume by working on freelance web development projects. “The fact that Marguerite was working on projects before coming on board showed us that she possessed great initiative and drive,” says Zach.

We’d like to thank Yembo for being such an amazing partner. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in 2020 and beyond.


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