Why Australia is the Next Frontier for Trilogy Education


Today, enrollment opened for the Monash University Coding Boot Camp, the first program powered by Trilogy Education in Australia. Monash University is a top-ranked university and the first university in Australia to launch an in-person coding boot camp geared towards adults and working professionals. Located in Melbourne, one of the country’s major tech hubs, Monash University is an ideal partner for Trilogy Education as we work to empower top academic institutions internationally with the platform, technology, and network to bridge growing digital skills gaps.

The rising demand for tech education for adults is a global phenomenon, and Australia’s skilled labor market is acutely impacted by the trend. Half of jobs in Australia will require high level coding skills by 2030 according to a report produced by the Regional Australia Institute. Another report from Deloitte estimates that Australia will need over 200,000 more technology workers in the next five years.

As competition for tech talent gets fiercer, global tech companies are eyeing cities down under for expansion. Atlassian, Google, Salesforce, Square, Slack, and Amazon have all opened offices in Melbourne alone, driving the city to offer the most competitive salary increases in Australia’s IT sector. Melbourne’s local workforce has an opportunity to benefit from a growing tech sector, but there’s a clear demand for more skilled workers.

Australia’s education system has much to be admired for how it directly ties university rankings to career competitiveness. But the rate of change in the technology industry means that the tech skills someone learned five years ago are mostly obsolete today. Top universities across Australia recognize the need to provide adults with or without a technical background with opportunities to quickly learn up-to-date technology skills.

Monash University joins a network of over 40 top universities globally that recognize the power of partnership to establish high quality, career-oriented learning programs that can quickly adapt to the needs of the community. Together, Monash University and Trilogy Education will deliver a coding boot camp that enables the residents of Melbourne to pursue rewarding careers and fuel the city’s tech scene.

Learn more about the Monash University Boot Camp by visiting bootcamps.monash.edu.

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Dan Sommer is the Founder and former CEO of Trilogy Education, the world’s leading workforce accelerator. Trilogy has rapidly grown under Dan’s leadership since its launch in 2015, empowering 50 top universities to upskill over 20,000 working adults in high-demand tech fields and closing the digital skills gap for over 2,000 companies globally. Prior to founding Trilogy, Dan served as Zeta Interactive’s President of Global Education where he led the company’s growth and expansion within the education sector. Prior to Zeta, Dan served as CEO and Chairman of Study Interactive, an Innovative International ‘School as a Service’ provider that partners with International Universities to bring their programs online. Dan is a graduate of Cornell University and remains an active alumnus. He led the creation and development of Student Agencies eLab, an accelerator serving high potential Cornell University entrepreneurs.


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