Trilogy’s New Chief Product Officer: Why I’m Excited for the Road Ahead


After seven years at Pearson, the world’s oldest and largest global education company, I’m thrilled to join Trilogy Education, perhaps the world’s fastest growing and most exciting education startup, as its chief product officer.

In my role these past few years building learning products for many different customers and markets, and overseeing strategy across Pearson’s global product portfolio, I’ve learned a great deal about the state of education around the world. I’ve been struck by how universally education is understood to be the key to attainment. I’ve also been struck by the enormous challenges many would-be learners face trying to gain access to affordable, high-quality education. Even in markets where access to learning is readily available, I’ve watched the gap widen between what students are taught and what they really need to be successful in today’s world.

Over the past two years in particular, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the megatrends and underlying tectonic shifts in global education to understand where the greatest areas of opportunity and need lie. Today at EdSurge, I shared four of my biggest takeaways – and why they make me so excited about joining Trilogy:

  1. Education is adapting to a world of constant change. Not only does this mean knowledge itself is expanding exponentially, but that the knowledge and skills we learned in the past and count on in our lives are becoming obsolete at an increasing rate.
  2. Students will more than ever be focused on the “return on learning.” Specifically, how does the investment I make in my education today lead to future achievement, fulfillment and happiness
  3. The enduring importance of our traditional educational institutions. Despite the incredible pace of change in education, society continues to exhibit a deeper trust in the institutions that have long histories dedicating themselves to advancing students’ lives through learning.
  4. The promise of technology to transform teaching and learning. I believe we are finally about to reach the tipping point for widespread technology adoption

My strong conviction, based on my experience over the past few years working on global education product strategy, is that it’s at the intersection of these trends that the most exciting opportunity lies – for learners, educators and entrepreneurs. I see Trilogy’s tremendous growth and success during its first three years of operation as early validation of this conviction. The company sits precisely at the center of this intersection, leveraging the power of technology to provide best-in-class educational programs focused on the skills most in demand by employers, while partnering with the best educational institutions in the world to deliver great outcomes for learners.

This all said, as I wrap up my second week at Trilogy, it’s clear there are many opportunities to expand upon the early success. In particular I am excited to help build a world-class product organization that can grow a great portfolio of academic programs, and develop an online learning capability that helps us to finally realize the promise of technology to truly revolutionize teaching and learning at global scale.

Stay tuned for more reflections and progress updates in the days and weeks to come!


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