Trilogy Education and California Universities: A Tech Partnership that Benefits the Economy, and Students from All Walks of Life

Photo by Julian Howard on Unsplash

It’s no secret that, in California, the technology industry is big business. Almost 10% of the state’s workforce is employed in tech, and the economic impact of the industry overall is $482 billion. California ranks #1 in innovation, as a measure of tech start-ups and new tech business plus venture capital investment. 

Trilogy Education has partnered with a number of California public universities to offer tech boot camps in in-demand fields, including web development, cybersecurity, data analytics, and UX/UI design. Since the launch of the first boot camp, in Los Angeles in March 2016, these programs have helped more than 4,400 talented and ambitious learners upskill and reskill in an industry that comprises almost 20% of the California economy. 

Stories of professional success point to the boot camp’s power to transform lives. An archaeologist attended the Berkeley boot camp and now works for Google. A Harvard MBA grad completed the boot camp and is now the CEO of an AI start-up. A former manager at a grocery retailer is now a full-stack software engineer at an innovative fintech company.

California boot camps powered by Trilogy Education give local working adults from all backgrounds, ages, and experience levels a pathway into California’s booming tech economy. The programs expand access to career opportunities for a diverse swath of the population that has historically been underserved by educational institutions. Thirty three percent of UC boot camps learners do not have a bachelor’s degree, 30% are women, and 59% identify as a person of color. Today, grads of the boot camps are filling tech roles at large companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Nike, Disney, Ernst & Young, and Apple as well as at local start-ups and with their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Through these programs, the schools are bringing access and opportunity to California communities. An instructor in a UX/UI boot camp asked his students for their final design project to choose a local nonprofit to help. The Berkeley boot camp helped one learner put down California roots after earning an associate’s degree in Texas. One Irvine boot camp grad took advantage of the career services offered to land a job as a QA analyst. 

With its university partners, Trilogy has developed the scalable systems, technology infrastructure, and feedback processes that drive market responsiveness and strong student outcomes. Combined, these components allow schools to offer competitively priced training programs that benefit the diverse population and vibrant businesses of California, which is #1 among U.S. states in GDP. 

The impact of Trilogy-powered boot camps in California is clear. Universities are able to offer a market-driven curriculum in tech fields that employers need top talent for. Eager learners are given the opportunity to upskill for a better tech position or reskill for entry into the booming industry. It is a win for everyone involved, as the great tech engine of the Golden State continues to rev up the economy.



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