Trilogy Education Acquires Firehose Project and JobTrack to Expand Learner Access and Opportunity


A big part of my job as Trilogy’s CEO is to bring people together who care about the same things we do—who share the same commitment to creating new and better learning opportunities for everybody in today’s digital economy.

Now, this is easier said than done. There are lots of smart people out there who’ve built exciting and innovative products, many of whom are in the education space. But I’ve found that if their motivations don’t align with our mission, they often don’t make good partners. You can teach people just about any skill, but you can’t teach them to care about what you care about. That’s out of your hands.

So it goes without saying that I’m thrilled to announce we’ve brought two like-minded companies into the Trilogy family who share our values and have a similar vision for educating the workforce of the future: Firehose Project and JobTrack.

You may have seen the details of these acquisitions in today’s press announcement. Let me tell you a little about each, and why I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Firehose Project

Firehose Project CEO Marco Morawec and Trilogy Education CEO Dan Sommer

Firehose Project is an online, mentor-driven coding boot camp, co-founded by Marco Morawec and Ken Mazaika. From the moment I met Marco and Ken, I was struck by their passion for helping people. All of our early conversations centered around students and questions about how we could better serve them. It was clear we were on the same page.

By bringing Firehose Project’s cutting-edge learning technology and expert mentor network into the Trilogy fold, we’ll be able to give our university partners the ability to expand access to thousands more working adults with a flexible, online learning format that works with their busy lives. These self-paced online programs will be offered alongside our existing in-person and live online programs, in partnership with dozens of universities globally.

Judging by Firehose’s high NPS scores and student engagement levels, students love the cutting edge tech they’ve created and find it immensely valuable. And because Firehose’s platform was first released at schools like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Brown University, we’ll be sure to retain that continued reverence for traditional education that’s always been a critical piece of the Trilogy approach.

Marco and Ken are joining the Trilogy team as Senior Director of Product Management and Director of Engineering, respectively. The full Firehose Project team will also join Trilogy in marketing, engineering, and admissions roles. I can’t wait to see this amazing team work their magic.


Trilogy Education CEO Dan Sommer and JobTrack CEO Adam Bedford

JobTrack is a platform that helps job seekers manage the application process. Similar to my early meetings with the Firehose Project team, I felt an immediate kinship with JobTrack’s founder, Adam Bedford. I loved how his mind works: he’s laser-focused on producing tangible outcomes for students, able to think like an engineer, product designer, or visionary at any given moment, and passionate about solving a genuine problem faced by many people pursuing technical careers. I was hooked.

Incorporating the JobTrack platform into Trilogy’s offering will bring tremendous benefits to our students, coaches, partners, and mission. For our graduates, it will make finding and landing desirable jobs faster and easier. It will also empower our career advisors with greater insight into how they can better guide students into the technical workforce. Finally, it will help connect the dots between education and industry, so we can continue to create training programs that increasingly reflect what today’s employers need.

Adam will be joining the Trilogy team as Senior Director of Product. I’m eager to see his mind at work in the days and months to come.

The journey continues

As we continue in our quest to create new and better learning opportunities for the digital economy, the folks at Firehose Project and JobTrack are exactly the kind of people we want along for the ride. Naturally, because they’ve created great products. But more importantly, because they’ve done it for reasons that reflect what Trilogy is all about.

So it’s with great excitement that I humbly welcome Marco, Ken, Adam, and every other new team member to the family. We could not be more excited to have you on board, and I cannot wait to see what we achieve together.

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Dan Sommer is the Founder and former CEO of Trilogy Education, the world’s leading workforce accelerator. Trilogy has rapidly grown under Dan’s leadership since its launch in 2015, empowering 50 top universities to upskill over 20,000 working adults in high-demand tech fields and closing the digital skills gap for over 2,000 companies globally. Prior to founding Trilogy, Dan served as Zeta Interactive’s President of Global Education where he led the company’s growth and expansion within the education sector. Prior to Zeta, Dan served as CEO and Chairman of Study Interactive, an Innovative International ‘School as a Service’ provider that partners with International Universities to bring their programs online. Dan is a graduate of Cornell University and remains an active alumnus. He led the creation and development of Student Agencies eLab, an accelerator serving high potential Cornell University entrepreneurs.



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