The Top 10 Cities for Coding Job Growth in the U.S.


It’s no secret that tech jobs are multiplying and spreading across America away from the major tech hubs. But 2018 job growth data signals that the trend is accelerating at a staggering speed.

From 2017 to 2018, the country saw 33% growth in jobs requiring coding skills — 30% faster than overall job growth nationally. More astonishing is how much of a spike this was compared to growth in previous years.

Nearly all of the top 10 U.S. cities for coding job growth in 2018 are not typically pegged as up-and-coming tech hubs. Yet cities like Raleigh, St. Louis, Houston, and Charlotte saw well over 50% growth in coding jobs last year. And it’s not just mega-employers Google and Amazon expanding their footprints. Companies across industries from Bank of America to IBM to Dominos Pizza are hungry for tech talent, upending the concept of a stereotypical technology employer.

All of these cities are home to world-renowned universities — a major draw for employers eager to swipe up computer science graduates. The Obama administration reported that it expected 1.4 million jobs in computer science by 2020 – but that less than 400,000 graduates would be available to fill them.

Recognizing this gap, local universities have partnered with us at Trilogy Education to deliver coding boot camps across 42 U.S. cities. We work with schools in almost all of the top 10 cities with the highest coding job growth in 2018 including UNC Chapel Hill in Raleigh, Washington University in St. Louis, UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Rice University and UT Austin in Houston, University of Arizona in Phoenix, and University of Miami in Miami.

Here at Trilogy, we strive to be a partner to universities that care about preparing their communities for the jobs of the future. City by city, we are committed to working with our university partners to increase access to high-demand tech skills.







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