Strong First Impressions: Why Market My Market Partners With Trilogy to Find Top SEO Talent


Market My Market is a full-scale, organic marketing agency that focuses on SEO and content marketing to help companies gain online visibility. Drawing from years of industry expertise, they drive increased website traffic and conversions for clients across industries — from doctors, oral surgeons, and lawyers to small business owners. 

“Whether businesses operate at a large or small scale, digital marketing helps level the playing field for everyone,” explained Market My Market managing partner, Ryan Klein. “Some companies have an impressionable budget and team they can rely on to further maximize growth. However, many others don’t. Fortunately, effective digital marketing doesn’t always require an extensive amount of resources. In fact, SEO is a universal skill that all employees can master regardless of company size.” 

Intent on expanding their SEO team, Market My Market collaborated with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand, as a way of connecting with skilled bootcamp alumni across the country. Here, Ryan shares what he looks for in SEO candidates — and explains why alumni from Trilogy-powered bootcamps so often fit the bill. 

Focusing on real-world results

So, what do SEO and digital marketing companies look for when hiring candidates?

For starters, says Ryan, SEO professionals should have a strong focus on conversion rate optimization. “SEO can easily bring in a high volume of traffic, but if the conversion rate doesn’t match, then companies aren’t getting their desired results,” he explained. 

It’s also important for candidates to pair foundational skills with a growth mindset. When it comes to digital marketing, Ryan says, companies don’t expect SEO hires to have the same level of technical knowledge as software engineers. However, it’s still crucial to enter the digital marketing industry with some familiarity and a strong foundation for executing on complex responsibilities. 

“SEO professionals should be able to work on websites and other digital platforms with some level of HTML knowledge,” explained Ryan. “They don’t have to build anything from scratch — but it’s good to know the basic concepts.” 

Making strong first impressions

For more than eight years, Ryan has interviewed professionals for SEO-related positions, using his background in digital marketing to identify candidates with standout skills.

Through the Trilogy partnership, bootcamp alumni have had the opportunity to network with Ryan and participate in one-on-one interviews for digital marketing and SEO-related positions at Market My Market. 

For Ryan, this has been an incredibly rewarding experience. “Many of the people that I’ve talked to have been insightful knowledge-seekers,” he said. “They’re strong go-getters who strive to apply what they’ve learned to their own lives, whether that’s to help launch a friend’s website or expand their mother’s small business. I enjoy every single discussion.” 

In particular, Ryan has been impressed by bootcamp alumni’s passion for pursuing a career in SEO. “I’ve met a lot of alumni who are extremely eager to make the most of their bootcamp experience,” he said. “They operate with high SEO standards and extremely promising concept knowledge — I was more than surprised that candidates approached me with such a deep, robust understanding of SEO.”

Bringing new talent aboard

Eager to expand their team with fresh SEO talent, Market My Market committed to an extensive pre-screening and interview process with Trilogy bootcamp alumni. The outcome was better than Ryan could have imagined — multiple candidates received an official job offer, and each one has since joined the company as a full-time employee. 

Looking ahead, Ryan is excited to continue growing his team with Trilogy. “Trilogy bootcamp alumni have so many skills that make them strong candidates for agencies like Market My Market,” he explained. “Whether that’s website optimization, familiarity with platforms like WordPress, experience with Google Ads, or knowledge of organic versus paid campaigns; they come into the field fully equipped for successful careers in SEO.”

Interested in learning more about how Trilogy helps alumni succeed in competitive tech fields? Get started here.


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