Simpleview and Trilogy: A Long-Standing Partnership

Simpleview logo

Specializing in destination marketing, Simpleview is a software, data analytics, and insights company that partners with destinations and their agencies to attract visitors, promote group travel, and win bids for conventions and events. As an employer, Simpleview is known for its inclusive environment and generous employee benefits; the company invests in continuing education for employees each year and even assists employees in putting a down-payment on a home. An additionally impressive feat, the company has had zero rounds of layoffs since its founding in 2007. 

For several years, the Tuscon, Arizona-based company has been a strong partner with Trilogy, an added benefit for students enrolled in Trilogy-powered programs. Simpleview partners with us by regularly participating in our Virtual Tech Talks, providing feedback on student profiles, and even hosting Demo Days where students discuss their projects and class work with local tech professionals. Through these events, alumni of the University of Arizona Coding Boot Camp have gained awareness of Simpleview as a potential tech company to work for after completing the program while providing additional insights into the current industry. 

“Partnering with Trilogy has been a blessing. People didn’t know who we were,” says Amanda Carranza, a Talent Acquisition Strategist for the company. Amanda also loves that the events give her the ability to chat with boot camp alumni before they start their job search. “I’m able to have tough conversations and help develop candidates and share with them what’s working and what isn’t and how they can get better.” 

Simpleview has brought on alumni from University of Arizona Coding Boot Camp to fill roles in front end development, customer relationship management development, and even data analyst roles. According to the recruiting team at Simpleview, the collaborative nature of our boot camps has equipped our alumni to become the team players Simpleview is looking for.


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