How Revature is Partnering with Trilogy to Hire More Women in Tech


While women pursuing tech careers have similar skills and qualifications that should set them up for success, they have often lacked the advantages that their male counterparts receive in the professional world. At Trilogy, we partner with companies who have made it part of their missions to establish hiring practices that empower and advance women in the technology industry.  

Revature, one of those companies, prides itself on empowering business organizations with the most qualified talent and technologies on a global scale. Revature provides its employees with a rewarding professional experience that can include developing projects for Fortune 500 companies, software development projects, government organizations, and more. With many positions being entry-level, these are great opportunities for career changers to apply their newly learned coding skills and work on real-world projects contracted by leading companies. 

For over a year, Revature has been one of our top employer partners and has hired dozens of Trilogy-powered Coding Boot Camp graduates. As a result of this successful partnership, Revature is hoping to hire 250 additional boot camp graduates from our programs in 2020. To meet this ambitious goal, Revature will host online recruiting events and collaborate with our Industry Partnerships teams to connect with job seekers across North America. 

Through these efforts, Revature hopes to connect with as many qualified candidates as possible graduating from the Trilogy-powered boot camps, and women and gender-diverse individuals are strongly encouraged to apply. Because around 30% of our graduates identify as women, Revature is excited to be partnering with Trilogy on this initiative and hopes to move the needle on their representation of women in technology roles.

“The collaboration between Trilogy and Revature is inspiring. We are both committed to helping women and gender-diverse talent learn new skills and advance their careers. The hurdles are significant and we don’t fully understand why yet, so it’s all hands on deck to work together to clear the path and create new opportunities.” — April Garvey, SVP Marketing, Revature


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