Paving the Path to Affordable Skills-Based Learning

David Berger and Rebecca Cook
David Berger and Rebecca Cook

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 78% of full-time workers say they live paycheck to paycheck or are in debt. One of the most common reasons why students cannot enroll in a skills-based training program is because they simply cannot afford the cost.

This past February at Trilogy’s annual partner summit, company president David Berger was joined by the University of Arizona’s director of continuing education, Rebecca Cook, to discuss how implementing loan options has given more students the opportunity to learn new digital skills.

Students who are enrolling in the University of Arizona Boot Camps are looking to increase their earning potential over time, but they often do not have adequate income to pay up front, with the average income in Phoenix being $35,624 and $29,374 in Tucson. Adding options for private loans, like those offered by Climb Credit, help increase enrollments and provide a sense of ease and convenience for both the students and university.

Watch David and Rebecca’s full session to learn how incorporating multiple loan options can increase the reach of your programs and create a more inclusive classroom and workplace. University partners can reach out to their client management team for the password.

Watch now.


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