Partner Spotlight: Capco Gives Back to Its Community by Supporting Boot Camp Alumni


Capco, a management and technology consulting firm for the financial and energy sectors, specializes in rock-solid technology to move organizations forward. From strategy to execution to production, the firm helps its customers make transformational changes. While Capco’s footprint spans the United States, its focus over the past couple of years has been building up its Orlando delivery center. To help cultivate local talent, Capco has partnered with the Trilogy-powered UCF Boot Camps, where a majority of learners come from the Orlando area. 

To date, Capco has hired 11 boot camp graduates — with plans to expand its team further. Here’s what the company looks for when sourcing its talent, and why it’s passionate about supporting boot camps like those offered through the University of Central Florida.

Finding diamonds in the rough

“We’ve had an involvement with the boot camp since mid-2018, around the time we really began focusing on our Orlando center,” said Matthew Markham, a partner at Capco. “One of our first hires completed the UCF program. We’ve had employees host coding meetups for the boot camp, and even provide instruction for certain cohorts.” 

The boot camp aligns perfectly with Capco’s goals for the delivery center. For starters, many graduates are already involved in the local community. But beyond the community ties and convenient locale, what really makes boot camp graduates stand out is their drive. Many of the students Markham and his team have spoken to are truly dedicated to retooling their skill sets. 

“We look at our firm as entrepreneurial and full of opportunity,” Markham said. “When we find a diamond in the rough — someone who may be just starting out in their tech career — we celebrate and admire that.” 

Wearing many hats

Capco employees wear many hats — and find this type of hands-on work fulfilling. Markham acknowledges that the consultancy environment may not be for everyone, but Capco has found willingness, flexibility, and an adventurous spirit in boot camp alumni across the board. 

“I remember interviewing one woman who was a teacher for many years before pursuing technology,” said Markham. “She had an incredible passion to own and drive her career, exactly the mentality that thrives here.” 

The boot camp graduates Capco hires tend to possess the all-important soft skills of adaptability and flexibility — along with a strong sense of teamwork. And in terms of hard skills, the UCF curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in modern Angular, an in-demand web app framework that’s crucial to Capco’s work. 

Navigating the future of work

Like most workplaces, Capco has been forced to adapt to COVID-19. In the face of remote work, the firm is trying to bring a human element to the forefront of both day-to-day work and the hiring process. 

“Especially now, we try to make all of our employees feel like individual contributors — so they can best support our clients,” said Markham. “We’re lucky to be growing, and we’ll need to hire at least four to five more people.” 

The boot camps typically culminate in a Demo Day where graduates can interact with employers and showcase their projects. To supplement this, Capco hosted an informational webinar where prospective interviewees could ask questions and learn about the culture, responsibilities, and career development opportunities available to them. 

“Boot camps are a great way for us to find and develop talent,” said Markham. “We don’t expect  hires to be senior — again, it’s that drive and desire to reinvent and reskill themselves. We set all of our employees up with resources to foster their career interests, whether that’s test automation or front end development. The boot camps provide us with candidates who align with our values and are looking to develop their long-term path.”

Ready to develop your path? Explore UCF Boot Camps in coding, data analytics, digital marketing, and UX/UI today.  


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