New Country, New Career: Nikhil Mahadeshwar’s Journey to Data Analytics


Nikhil Mahadeshwar was working in the internet technology field when he decided to enroll in UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp — and close the gap on his long-distance relationship.

“I was at a financial tech company in Toronto when my girlfriend, Trushita, suggested the boot camp,” he shared. “She’d already completed her masters in the same field and was very helpful through the process.” Nikhil and Trushita had met in India before Nikhil moved to Canada and Trushita moved to Ireland. “We had started as friends, and then I was going back and forth to Ireland,” he said. Now, Nikhil was ready to upgrade his career and join Trushita in Ireland — and pursuing a data analytics job seemed like a great way to turn that dream into a reality.

“My goal for doing the course was to move completely toward the data field and to Ireland,” said Nikhil, “and it worked.”

Committed to the course

While Nikhil’s decision was an easy one, his journey was not as straightforward.

Nikhil completed the boot camp while working full time, giving up his usually busy social and travel weekends to commit to the course.

As a fully remote learner, he took advantage of all of the course’s digital resources to boost his confidence. His instructors talked him through confusing concepts during office hours — he found his lead instructor, Mark Fulton, to be especially helpful throughout the duration of the program — and Trushita acted as an additional tutor on the side.

“My instructors helped get the best work out of me, and I got through everything with Trushita’s support,” said Nikhil. 

And they lived happily ever after

After six months of hard work, Nikhil found the results he was looking for. He landed a new financial analysis job with some help from Trushita’s network, along with the newfound confidence and know-how he gained through the boot camp.

Now, he recommends the course to friends. “It gets results,” he said. “Work with your peers through the study group and be on the same page with the instructor and assistant instructor. You get what you put into it.”

Nikhil also achieved his goal of moving to Ireland to be with Trushita. “Things worked out for me job-wise and relationship-wise, thanks to the course,” he said. “Now Trushita and I go trekking and visit different places in Ireland. She’s the goddess of engineering.”

Telling stories by the numbers

When Nikhil isn’t working with data, he’s busy creating social media content. “I like making informative, positive Instagram Reels,” he shared. In one recent post, Nikhil told a story of similarities between ancient Irish and Indian cultures. “I especially like to post stories that are inspiring for people,” he said. 

In addition to his roughly 2.5 million Facebook fans, Nikhil’s Instagram account currently has 25,000 followers and is growing by the day. In the future, he hopes to find the crossover between his Instagram content and analytics. “I would love to talk about finance in my stories,” he said. “Numbers have their own story, and I enjoy finding the connection between narratives and people.”

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