Moms in Tech Making an Impact


This Mother’s Day, we are celebrating women who are doing it all: working, raising families, coding, upskilling, reskilling, analyzing data, growing in their careers, and teaching their children to be as strong and fearless as they are.

The mothers who enroll in Trilogy-powered boot camps are models of professional and personal excellence. They come from diverse backgrounds and have walked distinct paths to their current success, but they are unified by their commitment to lifelong learning, grasping new opportunities, and making an impact in their communities.

Here we highlight three women from three different parts of the country who have boldly decided to take full advantage of what a boot camp can do for their families, their careers, and themselves.

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Suzanne Paylor – Salt Lake City

A mother of five, Suzanne initially thought she wasn’t smart enough to study tech, even though she was a straight-A student growing up and loved computers. While the work at the University of Utah Professional Education Coding Boot Camp was certainly not easy, Suzanne emerged with a skill set that she immediately utilized to improve her community. She helped enhance a website for a local program that supports homeless students.

Currently a data ops analyst for Empiric Health, a company that uses data analytics to reduce U.S. healthcare costs, Suzanne has realized her dream of learning about technologies that once intimidated her. Her biggest goal now? “To help younger girls see how much potential they have. I want them to know they’re smart enough to learn how to code,” she said.

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Carla Cox – Richmond

A native of Argentina, Carla came to the United States to study computer engineering. When she finally received a green card that permitted her to work in the country, the education she had received was already outdated. She knew she needed to beef up her skills in order to pursue a career that matched her ambitions.

When she enrolled in the University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp, she realized it would be a big commitment—not just for her but also for her family. When Carla wasn’t in class or studying, she was working part-time at an insurance company, tutoring, and caring for her two kids—one of whom was only four months old.

Carla now works as an embedded software engineer, and she credits the boot camp for her professional transformation. “I didn’t know at the time, but it was way more than just a course: it was the best decision I’ve ever made,” she said.

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Nikki Mango Statum – St. Louis

Nikki is quick to reveal that she is not a boring person. “I’m not looking to do the same thing everyone else is,” she said. “I’m searching for opportunities to learn and grow, especially as a professional.”

While Nikki had launched her career in marketing and sales, she was hungry to do more. She was also focused on securing greater financial opportunities for her and her young son. She found opportunity with the Washington University Data Analytics Boot Camp. “Data is the future. It’s where things are happening,” she said. “I want to be part of that momentum.”

Today Nikki has never felt more excited for her future.

“I dared to make this change and jumpstart my learning,” she said. “Now I’ll be ready for whatever comes next.”

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