Meet Five Coding Boot Camp Alumni Who Are Thriving, Full Time, at DJO® Global


In the four years since DJO Global partnered with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand, they have contracted with multiple alumni from The Coding Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension. Five of these former students are now working as full-time developers and quality assurance analysts on the DJO team.

A subsidiary of Colfax Corporation, DJO is a competitive provider of medical devices and technologies, including the MotionMD® software platform; a web-based, point-of-care software that was designed to help orthopedic clinics transform their business by automating workflows, driving efficiency, compliance, analytics transparency, and manage inventory to support the Orthopedic clinic staff and improve patient satisfaction. 

Behind DJO’s leading software programs, there is a team of expert developers. 

Cynthia Sever, Director of Business Operations & Customer Success for Healthcare Solutions at DJO, shared why her company opted to contract with UC San Diego Extension Boot Camp alumni. 

“We didn’t have any junior developers.”

When DJO started building out the Healthcare Solutions software team seven years ago, they were struggling to find junior developers to bring up through the ranks and grow into senior development positions at DJO. “When you look for junior developers,” Cynthia said, “it’s hit or miss what you’re going to get.” 

So, four years ago, DJO reached out to the The Coding Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension to find candidates that could be brought on as quality assurance analysts, educated on processes and applications, and eventually acclimated to the front end. 

The result?

“They were just phenomenal”

Right away, DJO contracted two people from the boot camp, and the candidates exceeded Cynthia’s expectations. “I think what was really impactful is that most of them were making a career pivot,” she said. These were candidates that were looking for a fresh start in a new industry and were ready to jump in with all of the enthusiasm and work ethic needed to succeed. 

“I’ve been a hiring manager for many years,” shared Cynthia. “The dream is always to find someone who wants to be aggressive and learn and grow.” Of the people that DJO hired from The Coding Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension, three have already moved into development positions. 

The Coding Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension alumni are here to stay at DJO

Steven Dytewski is a UI/UX developer who has been with DJO for two years since the boot camp’s Career Services team helped find him the position. “I changed careers from a boring job after finishing the boot camp,” he said. “The best thing about working at DJO is that I get to learn from other experienced developers and grow into a position.”

Steven Dytewski is pictured here.

Anna Crespo also found a QA job at DJO through the boot camp’s Career Services. When she started working at DJO, she didn’t know what a stepping stone it would be for her. “I started automating testing and building my coding skills,” she shared. “It was there that I was able to experience the software development life cycle for the first time and grow a familiarity with the products.” Now Anna works as a full stack developer at DJO. “Utilizing the boot camp’s Career Services and being open to different opportunities has helped me land my dream career.”

Daniel John is also now a full stack developer at DJO, after starting in QA. “From there I was able to learn how an agile team works, and ease into an actual development position by starting with automated testing.” Daniel knows that he has UCSD and Trilogy to thank, stating that he never would have found the DJO job posting had it not been for Career Services. “I’m much, much happier with my career now than I was before I attended,” he shared.

Nilou Mostofi and Tim Sanders currently work as software quality assurance analysts, and both thank The Coding Boot Camp at UC San Diego Extension for helping them land this role. Within three months of graduating, Nilou was contacted by Career Services with the opportunity. They set up the interview, and she was hired within three weeks. “My Career Services Director was a great resource and provided support with preparing for and reviewing interview questions,” recalled Nilou. Now she feels fortunate to work at DJO, which she says “offers a collaborative and supportive environment” and encouragement for advancement. 

Nilou Mostofi is pictured here.

Likewise, Tim says that the boot camp was a “fantastic experience” that greatly improved his quality of life. He attended during the pandemic after deciding to leave the restaurant industry. He said that his experience with DJO “has been nothing short of excellent,” with the company offering “endless opportunities for growth and the chance to work alongside knowledgeable and experienced professionals.” With a positive work environment and strong work-life balance, Tim says “it’s the best professional move I have made in my life, and I’m very excited to continue my growth with the company.”

Tim Sanders is pictured here.

Looking ahead, Cynthia plans to continue working with UCSD to grow the DJO team. We’ve had really good candidates so far,” she said. “They’ve all been stellar and demonstrate an impressive breadth of knowledge about development. I’m excited to see who else comes on board in the future.” 


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