Learn How Stacey-Ann Duhaney Leveled-Up Her Project Management Career Through Tech Project Management Boot Camp


When Stacey-Ann Duhaney decided to enroll in Columbia Engineering Technology Project Management Boot Camp, she was already a successful project manager. With years of management experience in several different industries, including technology, Stacey-Ann wanted to expand her robust skill set. 

“When I signed up for the course, I was in the technology space,” Stacey-Ann shared. “My goal was to plug any learning gaps in terms of technology rollout, and the nuances that come with working in that space.”

Fast forward to today, and the boot camp has helped her achieve exactly that. 

Finding balance and forming bonds 

Stacey-Ann began the boot camp in early 2021 and worked remotely throughout the entire experience. “Remote work lent itself to more flexibility, which was a big benefit as I balanced coursework with my full-time job,” she said. “And, the boot camp provided plenty of opportunities for connection with classmates through virtual breakout rooms. It was great to still get that social interaction (albeit virtual).” 

Over the course of 18 weeks, Stacey-Ann learned how to use popular software programs such as Jira and Confluence. Rather than navigating new concepts on her own, however, Stacey-Ann benefitted from the boot camp’s collaborative learning environment. “My classmates and I were given scenarios, and as a team we would work collaboratively to determine how to best approach these problems, build our plans, and run different tools,” she explained. 

For Stacey-Ann, the greatest impact of the boot camp was these group projects and the practical skills that came with them. “These interactions  along with the course content, really plugged the technical gaps that I needed to fill,” she said.

Taking the leap

With each passing week, Stacey-Ann grew more and more confident that she was ready for a career transition. “After the boot camp ended, I finally took the leap,” she shared. 

Fortunately, her boot camp’s Career Services team offered Stacey-Ann the right resources to make a change. “I transitioned from my job and leaned on career services for support,” said Stacey-Ann. “They prepared my documentation so that I could apply to different companies.”

For years, Stacey-Ann had been working with the same resume. With the support of Career Services, however, she realized “the landscape had changed drastically” and it was time for a refresh. Stacey-Ann worked with her boot camp career coach to improve her resume and better prepare her for interviews. “Once I realigned myself with what I was being told, I started receiving positive responses, and that yielded exciting opportunities,” she shared. “I was like, ‘Hey! There’s a formula here.’” After a tedious but rewarding interview process, Stacey-Ann landed her current job.

Now, Stacey-Ann is a Global Program Manager at Citibank. “I get to work with a global team every day, on an enterprise-wide initiative and I’m very grateful,” she shared. While Stacey-Ann is still new to her position, she’s excited to continue learning and growing on the job. 

Looking back, Stacey-Ann is especially appreciative of the boot camp’s commitment to creating long-term value for learners. As she put it, “I’m impressed by the impact this course had in terms of accelerating my career trajectory, sharpening my skill set, and making me more valuable to prospective employers.”

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