It Started With a Question—How Osman Naseer Rerouted His Career With a Coding Boot Camp


Toward the end of 2017, Osman Naseer asked himself a question: “What if my son grows up and asks if I followed my passion? What if he asks if I became what I wanted to become?” At that point in his life, Osman would have had to admit to his son that, no, he was not who he wanted to be.

That realization kickstarted a chain of events that would lead Osman to enroll in the Trilogy-powered Houston Coding Boot Camp and discover a new path forward.

Righting his path

For Osman, there were signposts earlier in his life that revealed some basic contours of his professional trail. When he was 13, he took his first web application class. This experience inspired him to help teachers and friends create websites for personal and business uses. He was hooked on web development.

“I love that I could share any information I learned with the whole world. Sharing is something I’m passionate about,” Osman said. “It’s our right as human beings to educate ourselves and others.”

Unfortunately, practical matters squelched Osman’s burgeoning interest. “I’m part of a big family and I was the baby of the house,” Osman said. “After high school, I couldn’t pursue further education in web development. I had to get a job.”

Osman fell into a career path—sales—that failed to ignite him. Verizon had offered to pay for a bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at Dallas in management information systems, and he began working in operations, climbing the ladder with his new knowledge of the internet of things.

“I was having a very successful career with Verizon, but I realized I needed to do something different,” Osman said. “Deep down inside something was telling me I need to do more of something that will give me joy. I needed to find something more that came from the heart.”

At the end of 2017, he found the Houston Coding Boot Camp—and rediscovered his passion. “I saw that the technologies I would learn were very relevant and modern. Everybody in the industry is asking for these skills,” said Osman. “With those skills I could make a good career out of web development and support my family.”

His wife agreed. In 2018, Osman took a break from work and enrolled in the boot camp.

Finding support

Osman was immediately reminded—on day one, in fact—of how much fun it is to code. But getting back on the horse didn’t come without challenges.

“Some days felt like ‘I got this’, but other days it felt very rocky. There were definitely struggles,” said Osman. “But at no point did I feel helpless. The instructor, the TAs, the student success manager, the career director—there are so many people that were there to help me.”

A few weeks into the program, Osman paired up with other students to create digital menus for restaurants. While his classmates ultimately proved to be as supportive as his instructor, Osman first had to orient himself to the group dynamic.

“We all had different personalities, so we had to learn how to respect each other and have integrity,” he said. “There are going to be people who are good at different things. I saw this as an opportunity to learn.”

“The boot camp is all about learning while doing,” said Osman. “I learned new ways to address and tackle challenges.”

Time to share

Nearing the end of the boot camp, it was time for Osman to find a new career so he could support his family. He approached his career director for help in polishing his portfolio and guiding him through interviews. The assistance paid off.

In February 2019, Osman walked into his new job as a front-end developer for staffing and recruitment firm Robert Half. He was thrilled. “I’m using nothing but boot camp skills,” he said. “I’m continuing to learn every day and I just really love it.”

Osman is also giving back to the learning community by serving as a Trilogy Education mentor. “I wanted to pay it forward. I’m really happy to be a part of someone’s journey,” he said. “I believe sharing is caring. By sharing knowledge we become better as a community and it’s been my passion since I was 13.”

Today, Osman knows that he can answer his son differently if he asks his father about his professional dreams. Thanks to the boot camp, he can say yes. Yes, he did follow his passion.

Are you ready to discover your passion? Learn more about the boot camps Trilogy Education has to offer.


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