How Uday Sachdeva’s Professors and Peers Helped Him Build Confidence—and Launch a New Career

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When Uday Sachdeva reflects on his experience at the Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp, one aspect in particular sticks out in his mind: the teaching staff.

“The instructors were so willing to put in their own time if they saw that you were putting in 100% of your effort,” Uday said. “If you showed them, ‘I did this, but it didn’t work,’ and it was a high-level attempt, then they would set aside their own personal time to help you. That’s definitely something that was exceptional to see.” This was high praise from Uday—who is a former educator himself. 

Uday went into boot camp pursuing stronger web development skills. He left boot camp with a sprawling network of mentors and peers, all of whom played instrumental roles in helping Uday launch his new career.

Starting big

Before starting boot camp, Uday had spent time as a physics and calculus tutor for a private education firm. His days were long, and he often didn’t get home until late in the evenings. 

So when Uday’s cousin, a web developer himself, first piqued his interest in giving the boot camp a try, there was no hesitation. On his cousin’s recommendation, Uday began taking free online JavaScript courses to master the basics before the program started.

Eventually, Uday’s cousin bought him his own domain. He showed Uday how it worked, and then he turned him loose. “That’s how I got started on my own,” Uday said. “Then once I got to the boot camp I was able to really hit the ground running.” 

His preparation had paid off—Uday attributes his early success in the Trilogy-powered boot camp to his cousin’s guidance and those formative weeks of practice.

Creating networks

A few weeks into the start of his boot camp, Uday soon found the comfort of his cousin’s counsel replaced by the power of his peers’ passion. 

The classroom lessons soon began to exceed his initial skill level, so he was excited when he found himself in conversation with fellow classmates who shared his fervor for the coursework. It didn’t take long for the group to become fast friends.

“It was extremely helpful to work with people who were at the same skill level and also had the same level of commitment to the program,” Uday said. Throughout the course, the four classmates found inspiration in each other.

The group’s first project was an attempt at an automated scheduling program built for the tutoring service that Uday was working for at the time.The project gave the groupmates a unique, real-world application to what they were learning in the classroom.

For their second project, Uday leaned on the talents and passions of his new friends, two of whom were in the music industry. The team built an in-browser beat-making website using their boot camp skills in Mongo and mLab.

When it came time to work on their third project, the team had little direction; all they knew was that they wanted to go above and beyond anything they had done before. They consulted their instructors, who helped guide them towards an AWS-based framework for a facial recognition system. 

Uday still keeps in touch with his classmates-turned-friends. Months after the boot camp had concluded, the group met up to check out an Amazon Web Services expo together.

Building confidence

Uday considers his boot camp instructors, Musa Sideeq and Shahein Moussavi, some of his biggest motivators and mentors.

Their assistance, attention, and expertise were Uday’s most valuable resources throughout the program. “Every day before class and every day after class the professors would put in time with our group and check in. They would really go the extra mile,” he said.

Some check-ins even occurred outside of class time, which Uday admired and respected. 

One night, one of their professors introduced them to his hiring manager, and they all went out to tacos. This exposure to the industry went far above and beyond what Uday expected, and it built his confidence. 

“It was great to be able to talk to someone in the industry and have your professor vouch for you in that way,” Uday said.

Landing his consultant role

Different from many of his classmates, Uday never wanted to be a pure developer; instead, he had his eye on a consulting role. And he landed it. 

Uday recently started his new career as an implementation software consultant for RELEX Solutions, a supply chain software company based in Finland. He completed a month-long training course in Helsinki, and he is now back stateside meeting clients and getting the hang of things. 

Uday can’t help but reflect on the journey of the past few years. He happily completed the boot camp alongside new friends and respected peers with a newfound confidence he never had before.

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