How Sim Kaur Elevated Her Digital Marketing Career


Since 2017, Sim Kaur has been building an impressive digital marketing career. She worked for various well-known tech giants, helping shape campaigns and strategies that drive growth. 

Shortly after relocating from Asia to North America, Sim recognized that she needed to become more acquainted with new digital marketing practices, as each continent served different markets and audiences. She had immense passion and ambition for the industry, but wanted to find other learning opportunities to elevate her knowledge and set herself apart. 

“I felt that every employer prefers to have a certified marketing professional on their team,” she explained. “They need someone who has a deep understanding of the current market, as well as its changing trends. I wanted to look into the options that would help me become that ideal candidate.” 

Pursuing growth opportunities

Sim enrolled in the 18-week UofT SCS Digital Marketing Boot Camp as a part-time learner. Although classes were held a few times a week, the program was intensive enough that most of Sim’s schedule was filled with attending lectures, communicating with instructors, and completing assignments — all while she worked a full-time job. 

Her goal was to gain strong, foundational digital marketing skills while also connecting with a supportive community of professionals. Thanks to Sim’s determination, she tackled every challenge head-on and was proud to never miss a class — ultimately completing the program with academic excellence.

“Going into the boot camp, I already had a background in brand management, lead generation, and other marketing concepts,” she said. “But digital marketing is a huge ocean, and I wanted to broaden my horizons in the industry.” 

Face-to-face interaction is Sim’s ideal, but she knew that wouldn’t be possible during the pandemic. Still, despite the courses being fully remote, she found that each class was highly interactive and rigorous. Her instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, providing up-to-date marketing materials that would help learners succeed in their future careers. She also enjoyed learning through direct, hands-on experiences, where she could collaborate with others who shared her excitement and curiosity. 

For one project, Sim was tasked with developing a loyalty program for any industry of her choice. She and her group members decided to work on a project for a hotel, collaboratively building the loyalty program from scratch. From creating a campaign brief and brainstorming prototypes, to designing a mock website and presenting the final product, Sim was able to practice the many valuable skills that she’d honed during the boot camp. 

Sim also learned how to best utilize a variety of marketing solutions, with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Semrush being just a few examples. Although she had prior knowledge of these tools, she found that her boot camp education allowed her to unleash their full potential — especially as she used them to build backlinks, optimize content, and elevate existing marketing campaigns. 

“My boot camp education really helped me shape myself as a digital marketer,” she said. “It allowed me to be confident in my abilities and what I could contribute.” 

Thriving in a familiar industry 

After successfully completing the program, Sim worked with the boot camp’s Career Services team to strengthen her professional marketer persona. She created a brand statement, polished her LinkedIn profile, and created an impressive portfolio she could present to potential employers. 

Nearly five months later, Sim landed a full-time role as a digital marketing and analytics specialist for a life sciences company. Drawing from her rich marketing background and fulfilling boot camp experience, she now works with digital analytics and dashboard creation, campaign management, and intensive marketing analysis. “I try to apply my knowledge wherever and whenever possible,” she says. “I look forward to advancing my career and perhaps even becoming a manager someday.” 

Looking ahead, Sim hopes that other professionals seeking a job change or an upskilling opportunity consider attending UofT SCS Digital Marketing Boot Camp. She believes the program played an influential role in broadening her skill set and differentiating her offerings in a highly competitive job market. With confidence and gratitude, she proudly continues to contribute marketing solutions for her company, knowing that her journey has just begun — and that an exciting future is in store. 

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