From Video Production to Project Management: How Adam Tenney Landed a New Career


Adam Tenney had always been drawn to the field of project management. After earning a bachelor’s degree in film and digital media, he worked in technology production for 11 years — but his mind was set on a career in project management all the while. 

“I wanted to break into project management because it’s something I’ve always found enjoyment in and done fairly well with,” Adam explained. 

When COVID-19 struck, Adam finally got the push he needed to pursue a career in project management. He knew he needed to obtain the right credentials to break into the field, and wanted hands-on project management experience so he could stand out during the job search. Ultimately, these criteria led him to  Berkeley Technology Project Management Boot Camp

Working towards a common goal

For Adam, the biggest boot camp takeaway was the importance of ongoing communication. Throughout the program, he collaborated with classmates and learned the value of patience. 

“My classmates had a wide range of professional backgrounds, so there were a lot of different energy levels in class each day,” Adam said. “With their backgrounds and my own, we came up with different concepts and ways to tackle projects and, ultimately, how to become better project managers.”

The curriculum made for a highly interactive experience and Adam was able to listen and learn from classmates and instructors alike. Throughout the course, Adam formed tight bonds with classmates while working towards a common goal through group projects. 

Jumping right in

As the boot camp came to a close, Adam found that his new skills put him in a great position as a job candidate. He resourced career services throughout his job search, which helped him learn how to prepare and carry himself during interviews.

“Every meeting with Career Services was worth its weight in gold,” Adam said. “Whether by finalizing my resume or making sure I had all the necessary paperwork for interviews, they were a big help.” 

When the boot camp ended, Adam’s classmate referred him for a position at Odoo, a tech company that provides easy access to software other organizations need to run and expand their business. Eager to launch his career in project management, Adam accepted a position as a business systems analyst. In his new role, Adam applies the skills he learned in the boot camp on a daily basis. 

“The project management field isn’t slowing down. If you become complacent or lethargic, you’ll start to fall behind,” he said. “It’s all about keeping an open dialogue and communicating what you need with your employer or prospective clients. That way, everyone knows where you stand.”

Preparing for success

Looking back, Adam is proud to have overcome challenges throughout the boot camp. “It’s difficult when you start a new course or program, because you’re testing your abilities,” he said. “There’s a lot of self-reflection required and I think that’s a good thing.” 

Today, he would recommend the boot camp without hesitation. “The best part of the boot camp is the relationships you build from it — connections that will stick with you throughout your career,” said Adam. “When you go through a boot camp experience, it’s kind of transformational. I encourage others to pick a program that’s right for them and not to be afraid to ask for help and really build bonds with their classmates.” 

Interested in kickstarting an exciting new career in project management? Check out Berkeley Boot Camps today.


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