From Linguist to Web Developer: Murad Alkaylanie’s Path to Coding Boot Camp and Beyond


When Murad Alkaylanie wanted to move his career forward, he first had to take a look back.

“I had a computer science degree from 2005 that I had earned overseas, but when I came to the United States, I started working as a linguist,” he said. “I always wanted to go back into software development.”

That opportunity finally came in 2020, when Murad enrolled in GW Coding Boot Camp. While the boot camp was a bit of a challenge, his computer science background gave him a leg up going into the coursework.

From there, he kept climbing — and his persistence quickly paid off. In fact, before he even graduated from the boot camp, Murad was offered a job as a web developer.

Learning new skills, reaching new heights

The offer presented an exciting opportunity, but Murad wondered if he should wait to finish the boot camp before taking the job, or move forward right away. Luckily, his instructors gave him helpful advice. “They said, ‘Go for it. You will learn in both places,’” Murad recalled.

So he took the job.

His instructors turned out to be right — Murad’s new position presented him with opportunities to learn on the job while he was still attending the boot camp. “At the beginning, there was a new library we had to learn,” said Murad. “And I was working in Angular, which we didn’t cover in the boot camp. Angular is way different than React.”

In fact, the company had hired Murad knowing he didn’t have Angular experience. They had based their offer on the strength of his resume and the fact that he’d continue to learn using skills gained in the boot camp. 

After the initial learning curve, Murad settled in just fine. Now, a year and a half later, he feels like a natural. “It’s a fun job, and not too challenging,” he shared. “I’m using a lot of the skills I learned in the boot camp, so that experience has helped a lot.”

Still moving forward

What’s next?

Murad hopes to eventually work in a full stack role, but for now, he’s content to keep learning. “I’m planning to stay in my current role for a few more years to get more experience,” he shared. “From there, I might switch to a full stack development role. That would really interest me.”

While Murad’s career path may seem miraculous, he’s upfront about what really got him where he is today. “It takes work and dedication,” he said. “Don’t expect to get a job just by doing the boot camp. You have to put in some effort outside of it.”

For Murad, that effort meant continuing to work as a linguist while attending the boot camp, rigorously polishing his resume, and spending his remaining time searching for jobs. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was an effort that paid off. 

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