Coding for Impact: Three Boot Camp Grads Using the Power of Tech to Give Back


It’s easy to get distracted by the negative stories that happen every day. But around the holidays, it’s important to reflect on all of the good in the world. And there’s no better way to do this than to honor our boot camp grads who have worked tirelessly to use their skills for the greater good.

Each of these inspiring graduates believes in the power of technology to connect the world, lift economies, and make doing the right thing easier. These grads of Trilogy Education-powered programs are living proof that with a knowledge of coding, you can make a lasting impact on your community—and the world. Here’s how they used their skills and why they made it their missions to give back.

Anthony Delgado: The Power of Upward Mobility

Anthony Delgado always wanted to use his coding knowledge for good. After graduating from Rutgers Coding Boot Camp in 2017, he started participating in hackathons, pitching ideas for philanthropic coding projects.

But he wasn’t content with just attending. Passionate for disruption, Anthony launched his own hackathons. In June 2017, he hosted a Global AI Hackathon that brought together over 4,000 coders.

Then in September, everything changed with Hurricane Maria. The destruction of Puerto Rico was swift and absolute. And as Anthony points out, it wasn’t just physical turmoil—it also devastated their economy which relied on tourism and leisure.

Anthony refused to be a bystander. After the disaster, Anthony went to Puerto Rico to volunteer, delivering solar panel lights, food, and water to cities throughout the island. But he wanted to do more and fix the infrastructure of the economy.

So he decided to build a school through his start-up, Disrupt. “By teaching coding, we can create an additional economy and create upwards mobility,” he said. “Coding is the canvas that developers can use to innovate, solve problems, and create a new future for the world.”

In October, he organized a Disrupt Puerto Rico conference and hackathon in San Juan that encouraged participants to use tech to solve the island’s trickiest problems. Combined with the school he’s launching, The Caribbean Institute of Technology, Anthony is using technology to enhance the lives of countless Puerto Ricans.

“We believe that all you need to succeed in this new economy is WiFi and a dream,” he said. “We are living proof that technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship can transform people’s lives for the better. We are planting seeds for our future generations here on the island.”

Lisa Freedman: The Power of Connection

Long before Lisa Freedman graduated from the University of Toronto Coding Boot Camp, she knew she wanted to help people. “I want my legacy to be that I cared in everything I did,” Lisa said.

Since her graduation in October, she’s worked to turn this goal into a reality. Lisa has turned a simple idea into a successful nonprofit, and grads from other cohorts are excited to join as well. Working with fellow boot camp graduates Celia Ho, Christine Aqui, and Nahrin Oda, Lisa started the organization Gifting Tech to pair recent coding boot camp graduates with nonprofits.

“Small non-profit organizations face a lot of challenges in today’s online environment,” Lisa said. “People expect to interact with them as easily online as they do with businesses—but these organizations often lack the skills, resources, and understanding needed to deliver that online experience.”

On the other side of the coin, many recent coding grads want real-world experience to build their portfolios. So, Lisa thought, why not put their skills to the test at nonprofits that really need the help—and make an impact on the community at the same time?

“It’s a win-win proposition,” Lisa said. “I think we’re all excited about using our new skills to help groups that have a powerful message. Most developers express keen interest in helping but don’t know or have time to find those groups looking for assistance. All we are really doing is facilitating the connection.”

Esterling Accime: The Power of Spreading Hope

The group of Haiti Coding Workshop grads celebrate with their new certificates

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect with family and be grateful for all that you have. For Esterling Accime, it’s also a time to give back.

Born and raised in Cite Soleil, Haiti, Esterling learned the power of technology when he was given a computer. This gift led to a role as a computer technician, graduation from the Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp, a career as a software engineer, and a calling as a coding instructor.

Esterling saw technology as a game-changer in his own life, and he knew that this type of education could have the same impact in Haiti. This November, with the help of Georgia Tech and Trilogy Education, Esterling flew to his old neighborhood in Haiti to set up a two-day coding workshop. On Thanksgiving day, 24 eager students gathered to learn to code.

“We chose to do this in Cite Soleil, and one of the reasons is because the opportunities I didn’t have, these folks don’t have either. So we’re trying to give them the opportunity to learn how to code,” Esterling said.

“I saw myself in each of the student’s shoes,” he said. “I told them, wherever you’re coming from, I came from that, too. No matter where you come from, you can do this because I did it.”

Over two days, Esterling was amazed at the strides each student took. “One thing I’ve seen so far is the amount of work, effort, and time they’re putting towards a better future for themselves through this workshop,” Esterling said. “They have hope.”

Looking forward, Esterling will continue to mentor the students online, and he is excited about the opportunity to give back and make a difference through future coding workshops.

Anthony, Lisa, and Esterling all believe in the power of technology. At Trilogy Education, we see the impact that a coding education can have every day, and we’re incredibly proud of the things our grads are doing for their communities.

Want to make a difference in your community? Explore our teaching and learning opportunities at Trilogy Education.


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