Code to Success

University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, a Trilogy partner in Canada’s largest city, recently published a story about one of its enthusiastic boot camp learners, Saumil Bapat. So genuine is Saumil’s enthusiasm for tech and for UofT SCS that he is involved in not just one but two of the school’s boot camps: He completed the Coding Boot Camp earlier this year, and he is currently enrolled in the Data Analytics Boot Camp. In the story, Saumil explains why he is so committed to the boot camp model.
“The technology industry is evolving faster than we could ever imagine. Between automation and shifts in the job market, there’s a huge demand for employees with machine learning, AI, and full-stack skills. I want to be in high-demand, so I came to SCS.”
“I look forward to every class. There is no question in my mind that this is the time to upskill and adapt to our rapidly changing world.”


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