CapTech and Trilogy Education: Reaching Goals through Strong Partnership


CapTech Consulting is an industry partner that is consistently and dynamically engaged with Trilogy-powered boot camps. We have been thrilled with their turnout at Demo Days, participation in Virtual Tech Talks, and decision to hire a Data Engineer and Consultant from University of Denver Data Analytics Boot Camp affiliated with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, inc. brand. 

CapTech is a team of master builders, creators, and problem-solvers who help clients grow efficient, successful businesses. With locations throughout the country, they unite diverse skills and perspectives to transform how data, systems, and technology help clients advance what’s possible in a changing world.

During a Spring 2019 cohort, members of the CapTech team accepted an invitation to attend their first University of Denver Boot Camps Demo Day, offering feedback and advice to students in person as the boot camp learners showcased their final projects.

At the time, CapTech already had a strong presence on the East Coast but was looking to expand its operations in Denver. Partnering with University of Denver Boot Camps provided opportunities to increase brand awareness and connect with new technical talent. 

As an added benefit of the partnership, CapTech serves as an avenue for students interested in IT consulting careers. Reed Kremer, Talent Acquisition Lead, said, “We wish all students were required to attend Demo Day because we want to see as many people as possible. People at CapTech agree both students have been great hires.”

Last June, a panel of CapTech team members participated in a Virtual Tech Talk, describing the field of technical consulting and highlighting the transferable skills that career changers could emphasize in interviews with client service firms. Most recently, Kremer authored a piece to help recent graduates navigate the job search amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Strong partnerships persist through tough times. We are grateful to CapTech and look forward to supporting each other through 2020 and beyond.


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