Boot Camp Students Solving Real-world Challenges with Coding Projects


Every month, Trilogy hosts dozens of community tech events to give bootcamp students the chance to share the incredible projects they’ve created in class. Students get to brush up on their presentation skills, show off their work to local tech professionals, and expand their networks.

Last month, reporter Katie Nussbaum from the Savannah Morning News joined Georgia Tech-Savannah’s Coding Boot Camp for one of these events: its spring Project Demo Day. Nussbaum spoke to boot camp student Josh Lewis about the intensive program, his new skill set, and the inspiration for his coding project.

Like many of his peers, Josh drew from his professional experience. He developed a restaurant inventory app named Handler that solves a challenge he faces in his current job as a bartender and server.

“A few months ago my boss asked me to come up with a process for inventory and I knew I wanted to make an app for that, so I decided to make it my final project and be all encompassing,” Lewis told the Savannah Morning News.

“Going from (coding) language to language at such a rapid pace and trying to remember what you learned before because it all builds on each other… But I enjoyed every minute of it,” Lewis said. “I learned a ton and I feel very confident going into an entry-level or little higher job in the field…If you’re thinking about doing it, it’s been a great experience and I look forward to being out in the world with these new skills.”

Read more about Josh Lewis and other Georgia Tech Bootcamp students in the Savannah Morning News.


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