A Boot Camp Loan Helps One Student Go from Project Manager to Software Developer

Kyle Krupp

Kyle Krupp’s first postgraduate job had him working as a project manager at Dapresy, a dashboarding platform for data analytics. A naturally analytical person, Kyle wasn’t far from his goals—but the project-management aspect of the job left something to be desired. He found himself wanting to be the person making the software the team used from day to day, but Dapresy didn’t have the resources to invest in an in-house developer at the time. Kyle also lacked the technical background to fill a developer role. 

Serendipitously, Kyle came across an ad for the UNH Coding Boot Camp. Within days, he had a plan set in motion that would change his path, allowing him to master coding languages, work on a project team, and sharpen his soft skills. 

Kyle had no idea that enrolling in coding boot camp would make him a trailblazer at his company—or that it would bring him on a journey across the globe. Here’s how the boot camp changed his life.

Making the jump

New to the workforce, Kyle wasn’t particularly equipped to finance another round of schooling. Boot camp was a double-edged sword, because he knew he wanted to get serious about coding, but the program was an expense he wasn’t ready to take on alone. 

Fortunately, he was able to secure a loan through Climb Credit. “I found out about the Climb loan when looking into tuition,” said Kyle. “As soon as I decided to enroll in the program, I found out I was approved for the loan. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have done the boot camp.”

With the Climb loan supporting him, Kyle was able to hit the ground running. After work, he attended intensive classes three nights a week, immersing himself in all the new languages and challenges that the program sent his way. 

Going back to school 

The boot camp was undeniably intense: it was a great deal of complex, technical material at an accelerated pace. With both boot camp and a full-time job, Kyle was juggling a lot, but he was determined to do what it took to advance his career. With the support of his instructors and classmates, he was well-suited to do so.

Although Kyle entered the program with a modest amount of programming knowledge, the learning curve was initially steep. But once he got into the rhythm of the boot camp and knew what to expect on a weekly basis, he found his stride.

“Once you get to a certain point—around halfway through—you find a flow where you come to each class expecting to learn something brand new,” Kyle said. 

Kyle became an expert at time management—and found he was prepared for anything. Eventually, he threw himself headfirst into group projects with a newfound confidence. He was bolstered by not only his new technical skills but also the leadership skills he was able to cultivate in a group setting.

Turning ideas into apps

Although the boot camp was a lot of serious work, Kyle was surprised by how much fun he found himself having. His previous business experience made him a natural group leader, but at the same time, working on a team where everyone was collaborative and uncompetitive was a really rewarding experience.

“My favorite part was working on group projects, because people were genuinely curious about what others were making,” Kyle said. “Everyone was pedal-to-the-metal on their own projects but would also sometimes pitch in and help other groups in a collaborative way.”

The first app that Kyle built on a project team was a public restroom finder for big cities—an idea that began as a joke between teammates during a brainstorm.

“The presentation was funny,” Kyle said, “and of course people were laughing and entertained. But we had one of the most functional apps on Demo Day.” 

Another project took a more personal approach to problem-solving. Kyle attended the University of New Hampshire as an undergrad, so he was fond of the nearby town of Portsmouth. The town offered a lot of happy hours with inconsistent deals and timing. Kyle’s group created an app based on this problem, developing an informational hub to keep track of when and where happy hours were offered.

Both of the group projects Kyle worked on illustrated the fun aspects of coding. While computer science is often considered impersonal, for Kyle it created a common ground between himself and others, his ideas, and the world around him. 

Looking to the future

Fresh out of boot camp, Kyle was offered a position as a software developer at Dapresy, becoming the company’s first US-based software developer. For orientation, the company flew him out to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the company’s other developers are based. “You never know where life will take you,” he said.

As a front-end developer, Kyle is responsible for writing custom scripts for the product itself, as well as managing Dapresy’s WordPress site. All his responsibilities wouldn’t be possible without the lessons from boot camp. 

“It’s pretty crazy that, because of the boot camp, I’ll be making such a large contribution as a new developer,” Kyle said. “I’m excited, nervous, and everything in between.”

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