Today’s Workforce Needs
Tomorrow’s Skills.

Around the world, a massive skills gap exists, in which millions of job openings are left unfilled because employers can’t find suitable candidates. At the same time, many workers risk losing their jobs due to automation.

Trilogy is a workforce accelerator. We partner with the world’s leading universities to help companies bridge their digital skills gaps.

We’re on a Mission

Trilogy Education unites universities, companies, and working adults by powering skills-based training programs that are driven by market needs. More than 45 of the world’s leading universities partner with us and, together, we’ve readied thousands of adult learners for high-growth careers in the digital economy.

Why Trilogy?

Market-Driven Curriculum

Trilogy-powered programs begin with the end in mind. At the regional level, we isolate employer challenges, translate them into skills, and deliver intense training to students who graduate ready to make meaningful contributions to employers.

360° Classroom Analytics

Have “eyes inside the classroom.” Know how John, Jane, and their instruction think things are going. Since our start, we’ve collected more than 300,000 feedback reports and implemented more than 650,000 curriculum enhancements. Best of all? Across our network, Trilogy-powered programs perform within 2 percentage points of one another, regardless of school, instructor, or even country.

Job Readiness

Our curriculum combines hard- and soft-skills training to teach students how to work in groups, communicate across teams, and present themselves to employers. The results speak for themselves: More than three thousand companies, from garage start-ups to the Fortune 100, have hired graduates of Trilogy-powered programs.

Learner Support

“Life Happens” in our classrooms, and a team of on-site and online personnel are there to help everyone be successful. From teamwork to tutoring, Trilogy-powered programs teach more than just skills. They equip learners with the ability to think critically, to overcome adversity, and to be confident in their careers.

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