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Trilogy is a Workforce Accelerator.
We partner with the world’s leading universities to help companies bridge the digital skills gap. 


Today’s Workforce Needs Tomorrow’s Skills

Around the world, companies have several million more job openings than applicants who can fill them. And the traditional options for upskilling? They’re expensive and time-consuming. Trilogy creates and manages intensive skills-based training programs that are driven by employer needs and delivered in 12 to 24 weeks. More than 30 of the world’s top universities work with us and, together, we’ve readied thousands of adult learners for careers in the digital economy. 
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Trilogy offers programs in Web Development, Data Analytics & Visualization, UX/UI Design, and Cybersecurity. Our platform combines a dynamic, market-driven curriculum, robust career services, and a multinational community of universities, instructors, and employers to prepare students for careers in the Digital Economy.

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Crack the Code to Your Students’ Career Potential

We believe that there are multiple ways to learn skills, but only one place to gain the most relevant, valuable experience–universities. Trilogy combines experienced instructors, innovative employers, and top universities to design each and every program. This is serious intellectual horsepower and, working together, we create the most advanced, cutting-edge training programs, with the jobs to back them up.

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We know you have a reputation of quality to uphold. That’s why our programs integrate easily into your institution. Working with Trilogy, you develop and deliver skills-based training programs that meets the unique demands of local employers and students.

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What good is a training program if it doesn’t lead to new opportunities? Our programs incorporate employer feedback into all aspects of the program. From curriculum development, to student mentoring, and more, Trilogy is helping to re-shape the modern workforce. In fact, employers work side-by-side with students to design practical solutions to real-company challenges.

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